About Cyndee

Who do you help with your marketing?Cyndee Davis is an alternative health and mental health copywriter


People don’t always know what’s good for them, do they?


Some people are afraid of pills, calling therapeutic regimens “snake oil” when those very nutraceuticals can turn their health completely around. It can be as simple as a deeply researched cerebral folate, or a neuroscientist-designed magnesium to revive memory and mental acuity. Or it can be for destroying cancer, or reversing diabetes.

Mental Health

Then there are some with mental illness who don’t realize they can experience a reversal of their life patterns through medication or special therapies. Sometimes they run from those who can help them the most. And they need someone to help them see what they can’t see. They need to be persuaded to cooperate and invest in getting better.

Power in Persuasion

The average Joe on the street doesn’t just pick up a magazine and see a picture of a supplement or medical therapy and call the 800 number to order it. He needs to be persuaded: first through compelling emotional connection, then with facts, research, and testimonials. He needs to see that your services and products aren’t like the thousands of others he’s seen on infomercials or in the clearance aisle at the pharmacy. That your product is special, and that you’re special, and lives are being changed. And he needs to see it will change his life, too.

Making the Connection

This is where I come in. My zeal for helping those who need it, compassion for those who suffer that’s burned so bright and motivated me throughout my life, as well as my experiences as a nurse and a mother, drive me to write persuasive empathic promotions that grab the heart of the reader, and give him hope. Through the use of story and word pictures that compel the reader to reach out to improve his health, I write promotions to get your remedy into the hands of your audience, and to stir their desire for solutions through you services.

My Background

I worked as an RN for 34 years. That gave me a deep desire to see people well, and living their lives with fulfillment and satisfaction. During ten of those years, I served in Christian ministry with a team of others to help young girls overcome the problems of their teens and build new lives based on new and more solid principles. Those were rich and unforgettable times, that shaped me forever.

Integrity Leads the Way

As a result, I can only invest myself in work that truly benefits the end user, and I work with people and companies whose integrity and core desire urge them forward to make a difference in the lives of others. Do you feel the same way?

Sacred Mission

Brian Kurtz, a friend and mentor, worked with Boardroom, Inc., to market health and financial innovations for over 3 decades. He says that he always considered what they did together more than a business, but a sacred mission.


I like that, and share that belief. If it doesn’t really make life better, healthier, longer, richer, or happier for someone, let’s don’t waste our time.  Agree?

If you’re one of those who market life-changing health options, we should talk.


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