Magtein Acquisition Email

Subject line: We’re sorry…but we’re making up for it…

So…something happened…

In spite of our best intentions… we’ve burned the midnight oil… to abundantly provide our patented, high-quality, potent brain health supplement to you so you don’t have to ever miss a single dose of this exceptional compound.

It still happened…

We ran out! Your demand exceeded our expectations and you ran through our back stock, our emergency stock, and even the ones I had hidden in my desk drawer for my in-laws!

And, to be fair, the fault is yours as much as oursyou’ve been spreading the word about the spectacular improvement you’ve seen in your memory- and your sharp problem-solving and keen decision-making power, plus your deep, restoring sleep.

You listened when we reported our test results that showed how remarkably effective the Original Magtein® Formula is with both animals and humans in thinking, remembering, and problem solving…and you told everyone else.

And people keep coming. And buying.  And…well…

You cleaned us out!

The shelves were empty. Nada. GONE. Kaput.

You knew WE originally invented Magtein® with L-Threonate and are the original seller of our patented and extensively researched brain health supplement, the Original Magtein® Formula. No other supplement ramps up your focus and memory, improves your sleep quality, clears brain fog, and makes your mind the steel trap it used to be.

So…we flew into action…cranked up production… and filled the shelves again.

In fact, we’re keeping the system cranked HIGH to prevent this from happening again. And that’s not all. We’ve made improvements in our production process to ensure we never put you through the inconvenience of missing a single dose again.

Still, you were left empty-handed for a bit, and we want to make it up to you.

So here’s what we’re doing only for you, our loyal customers:

We’re giving away 50 bottles FREE of the Original Magtein® Formula!

50 randomly selected people will receive a full month supply, a $27.89 value, 60 caps to provide 2 doses/day for 30 days as directed.

We need to ask a favor from you though, our loyal Original Magtein® Formula customer, to help us plan for our future stock demands.

We have a survey that will take no more than 10 seconds of your time, 15 seconds tops, and when you click on the survey button below and complete the survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of the 50 bottles of FREE Original Magtein® Formula.

All you need to do is click below:

Click Here – Take this 10 Second Survey to Enter

(this should be made into a big red-orange button)

Just 10 seconds to give us the answers to only 3 questions, and you’re done.

Then you have the chance to win a drawing for a FREE bottle of the best memory and brain function supplement on the market: the Original Magtein® Formula with L-Threonate.

This offer is not available to the public. We’re offering this FREE bottle exclusively to our loyal customers who’ve bought the Original Magtein® Formula in the past, and experienced the remarkable improvements in brain function, memory, and sleep quality, and want to continue to enjoy them.

So don’t put it off..

We’ll follow up with you to keep you up-to-date with any stocking issues, offer you discounts via email, and share our pre-clinical research findings as they’re published. Because you take the Original Magtein® Formula, we know you care about your brain health, and are interested in knowing more. 

But it all starts when you click below.

Click Here – Take this 10 Second Survey to Enter

You could be one of 50 loyal Magtein® customers to win a free month supply of your favorite brain health supplement

And thank you. For being a loyal Original Magtein® Formula customer, and for taking this survey to help us serve you much, much better going forward.

We look forward to hearing from you about the brain function improvements you enjoy with the Original Magtein® Formula with L-Threonate.

From Your Original Magtein® Formula Family,


Keep taking Original Magtein® Formula so you don’t forget!

P.S. Please let us know your experience with the Original Magtein® Formula, once you’ve been taking it for 3 months (since that’s the time period when you reach the point it’s most effective). Email us at We’re excited to hear from you!

P.S.S. Watch for an email from us coming up soon with a discount coupon for the Original Magtein® Formula! You’ll get all the benefits of a high-functioning brain with improved memory, cognition, executive function, and more restful sleep all for less money. What a deal.