The Use of Vinegar for Your Health is No Wive’s Tale

Dear Friend,

I do hope your summer was full of fun, good friends, family gatherings, and great food. The fact is, health issues hold you back every season of the year… not just summer. Now that fall is ahead, you need to keep your eye on all your body’s needs to keep it healthy, functioning well, and preventing impending problems.

I have a dear old friend who’s been drinking a little vinegar daily for his entire life… he’s 97… and his family has done the same. It’s a tradition his parents brought with them from the old country… being Italian vineyard owners.

My friend has never experienced infections, any form of cancer, heart disease, cholesterol problem, or diabetes in his life… and the same is true of his parents, grandparents, and siblings. He’s pretty proud of it. His mind is sharp, and clear.

Studies have shown a connection between the use of daily vinegar… or apple cider vinegar tablets… and lowered blood pressure, reduced cholesterol levels, weight loss, blood sugar control, infection control, clearer thinking, and more. That’s why I work with Common Sense Health, Inc., and we make VinTabsPlus® available to you.

The use of vinegar has been providing benefits for thousands, if not millions, of people for generations, but it’s only been in the last 30 years that scientists are discovering scientific reasons for these health benefits. Turns out, it’s no wives tale.

I even use vinegar myself… but in tablet form just like you. I encourage you to keep your supply of VinTabsPlus® apple cider vinegar tablets well-stocked and avoid interruption in your daily dose.

As long as you’re taking them regularly you don’t even realize all the ailments you’re avoiding, that would have plagued you otherwise. It’s a simple but effective way to improve your overall health.

Enjoy your beautiful autumn weather, and stay healthy.


To your ever-improving health,

William P. Summers

Director, Research


P.S. I strongly encourage you to take vinegar daily and Nick’s stock-up sale will make it easy and save you money, too. ©2016 CSH CV132IM